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How to Help:

There are many ways to engage yourself in conservation.  The most direct way to help Lambas for Lemurs to continue our conservation education projects is to support us by purchasing a beautiful Lamba or photo from our Lamba Shop

However, you can also help through local efforts.  As Jane Goodal always says “think globally and act locally”.  With this in mind you can look into ways to help your local forests, wildlife, neighbourhoods, and so on.  There is no limit to your ability to help.

Here are some tips:

  1. Learn More! - the more you know regarding conservation the better prepared to help.

  2. Join tree planting campaigns

  3. Spread the word about the plight of Madagascar and its lemurs.

  4. Live as sustainably as possible. Bike or walk when possible, reduce, reuse, recycle, buy locally, and buy only sustainably harvested wood products

  5. Contact us for ideas about what you can do locally

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How To Help